Covenant Cares has adopted The Dovetail Project for the 2021 Adopt-A-Family program. The Dovetail Project gives fathers between the ages of 17-24 the skills and support they need to be better fathers for their children and better men in their communities. Your donations of baby care, personal care, and household items will support up to 200 children and their fathers emotionally and economically.

 There are two registries available to purchase baby care, personal care, and household items. Please see shipping instructions below. To shop at Amazon and Target, click the links:

 If you shop from Amazon, to ship directly to the church, please use:

 BWS Family Life Center’s Registry 
C/O Covenant United Church of Christ
1130 E 154th St 
South Holland, IL 60473.

 If you shop from Target, shipping is free for all orders over $35. Choose the shipping address that says “Shipping to the address on BWS Family Life Center’s Charity Registry” for direct delivery to the church.

 If you opt to purchase in-store, below is a curated list of items needed. Please drop off items Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00am – 1:00pm beginning November 16th through December 18th. Please only purchase the items listed below. We cannot accept expired items.

 Baby Care Items:
           Baby Formula:
                  Enfamil NeuroPro™; Yellow Can (28.3 oz)
                  Enfamil ProSobee™; Green Can (12.9 oz)
                  Enfamil Gentlease ™; Purple Can (27.4 oz)
           Baby Food:
                Gerber Mealtime Harvest Bowl
                Gerber Organic Grain & Grow Morning Bowl
                Gerber My 1st Fruits Starter Kit
                Gerber My 1st Veggies Starter Kit
                Gerber 1st Food Solids Starter Kit
                Gerber Teether Foods
                Gerber Sitter 2nd Foods
                Gerber Up Age Snacks
           Baby Bottles:
                Bottles (4 - 8 oz)
Personal Care Items:
                  Toothpaste (1.4 – 5.6 oz)
                  Deodorant (2.7 – 3 oz)
                  Bars of Soap (2, 4, 6, or 12 packs)
Household Supplies:
                  Laundry Detergent (2.72 -4L)
                  Dishwashing Liquid (24 oz)