The “I See It Through” Giving Tree 

The “I See It Through” Giving Tree is an elegant tree sculpture that is displayed in two locations: the lobby of the “Ozzie E. Smith, Jr. Youth Center” and the lobby of the main building next to the BWS Family Life Center main entrance.  Its branches are adorned with gold, silver and bronze leaves and it is surrounded by bricks along its base. Each brick and leaf can be individually engraved and will designate those who have generously made a tax-deductible gift to the Covenant United Church of Christ “I See It Through” Appeal.

Our hope is that the tree sculpture will be a fitting way in which to honor those who have planted the seeds from which the church continues to grow. By continually adding bricks and leaves, the Giving Tree becomes a perpetual gift giving program and a living legacy of our church history and its people. Our church, much like a tree, has strong roots but needs our life-giving care and support in the present to grow into the future. Your gift will truly make a difference to:

      -Secure the future by reducing our capital improvement debt 
      -Support the church’s general operations and ministry budget by eliminating debt stress
            -Make necessary capital improvements on our beautiful campus 

We are asking you to prayerfully consider the level of giving to which you can commit to strengthen Covenant UCC today and sustain it for our children and future generations.  The giving levels are as follows:

Bronze leaf - $300
Silver Leaf - $600
Gold Leaf - $900
Double Leaf - $1,500
Brick - $2,500
Medium Stone - $5,000
Large Stone - $10,000

If you have any questions, please contact us at 708-333-5955.  To select your "I See It Through" donation, please click the button below.