“Thank you for your interest in participating in the ministry related activities of Covenant United Church of Christ.  The General Liability Form is to be used by the dance ministries, health and wellness activities, and off-site events. Please complete the general liability form, save it for your records and email to your ministry leader.”


Why is this Form Necessary?
This form is designed to guard against lawsuits against Covenant United Church of Christ (“CUCC”) or its agents for any activities sponsored by CUCC for which participants voluntarily chose to participate.

Who Should Complete the Form?
An adult should complete the form on their own behalf or on behalf of each participating minor child for whom the adult is the parent or guardian. 

When Does the Form Need to be Completed?
This form should be completed before anyone voluntarily engages in an activity sponsored by CUCC that could conceivably give rise to litigation against CUCC or its agents.

What Date or Date Range is Covered on the Form?
The date or date range on the form and the number of times the form should be signed will vary. If the activity is a one-time event, the date should reflect the specific date(s) of the activity. If it is an ongoing activity, like walking around the track at West or participating in the dance ministry, then the date range should reflect the period of time the activity will last, for up to one year.

What if the Participant or the Parent or Guardian of the Minor Child Participant Can’t Complete the Form Online?
The participant should contact their ministry chairperson or contact the church to request a paper form.

What Happens to the Form?
The chairperson of the ministry shall be responsible for maintaining the forms and an updated list of the participants eligible to attend the activity. The completed forms should be turned in to Rev. Ramah prior to the one-day or ongoing activity, and no later than 7 days after the activity has ended or started. If the waiver covers the period of one year, the completed waivers should be turned in to Rev. Ramah as they are received each month following ministry meetings or rehearsals.

What if the Form is not Completed?
The form should be completed only after it is read and fully understood. If the participant or the parent or guardian of the minor child participant does not agree with or fully understand the form, the participant will not be allowed to participate.

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Please note: This document is not fillable if you are using a cellular phone or tablet.  If you do not have access to a computer or laptop, and you are unable to print the form, you may obtain a copy of the form from the church office.  Upon completion,  please return it to Ms. Seena Brown.